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Watercolors by Joy
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Cards & Reproductions

It's fun to collect little pieces of artwork.If you like any of the images here, you can order them as 5 x 7" notecards ($2.00) or matted reproductions ($22.00) that will fit in 11 x 14" frames. Print the Order Form and fill it out as you make your selections, then call, mail, or fax your order. 
              See the Original Art page for current small and large paintings.

Each notecard has a little story about the painting on the back. Your satisfaction guaranteed.
Click an image for a larger view and story.

Rhododendron Maximum. This is West Virginia's state flower and it thrives in our highest elevations.. Glorious blooms in early summer and magnificent foilage year-round. Lucky the traveler who gets to hike through a woods full of these wonderful shrubs. The edges of the forests form a thick barrier of them. Lovely!        OldMassey72.jpg (50228 bytes)    OldBlue400.jpg (26324 bytes)
Rhododendron Maximum                                  Old Massey                                 Minneapolis-Moline


PinkIris72.jpg (34231 bytes)     Trillium72.jpg (15331 bytes)      Spring.jpg (10167 bytes)     WVFlyway72.jpg (20690 bytes)
          Pink Iris                             Trilliums                        Spring, Coming & Going         West Virginia Flyway


 MeadowBarn72.jpg (18937 bytes)    ClifftopTreasure400.jpg (22280 bytes)   Crawfish400.jpg (33312 bytes)
    Mountain Meadow Barn                     Clifftop Treasure                    Cambarus Monongahensis
                                                                                                      (Blue Crawfish)

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